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By signing up and being an attendee of Starrskye Art Studios events I hereby grant Starrskye Art Studios, permission to make still photographs, video recordings and audio and other recordings of me and/or my child/ren and/or using my name and/or my child/ren’s name and/or my likeness and/or my child/ren’s likeness and/or to use of verbal quotes from me and/or my child/ren (the “Authorized Materials”) and to reproduce and distribute the Authorized Materials in or across any media.  I also give Starrskye Art Studios permission to use the completed Authorized Materials, and to use my or my child/ren’s name and likeness, for Starrskye Art Studios promotional and commercial purposes without any compensation or remuneration to me and/or my child/ren; in like and related regard, Starrskye Art Studios will not charge or assess me or my child/ren any fees or service charges for my or my child/ren’s voluntary participation in any audiovisual product production.   I authorize Starrskye Art Studios to use, edit, copy, publish, or exhibit any Authorized Materials for any lawful purpose anywhere in the world.  I waive the right to review any materials produced by Starrskye Art Studios, including those which use my or my child/ren’s name and likeness and/or are Authorized Materials.   Further, I relinquish and grant to Starrskye Art Studios all rights, title and interest in and to the Authorized Materials that I and/or my child/ren may have, including, but not limited to,  completed still photographs, video tapes or audio recordings, negatives, prints, reproductions and copies of the masters, negatives, recordings, duplicates, prints and verbal quotes for print, and I will not object to or take any adverse action whatsoever against Starrskye Art Studios for use, reproduction or the like of any such Authorized Materials.  

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