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About the Owner

Hello! My name is Sheryl and I am the artist and creator behind Starrskye Art Studios. All my life I have had a passion for art. I come from a family of musicians, crafters and artists. My father fostered and early love and appreciation for art in me for as far back as I can remember.


I attained a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising. I had plans to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry but, life had other plans.


Some years have passed. I married my soul mate and have 2 amazing kids. Throughout all the years my love for art never wavered. I have passed my love of art on to my kids through crafting, drawing and painting.


I have spent this part of my life catering to my children and showing them the wonderful world of ART. I want to take this passion and knowledge and bring my dream to reality.

About Starrskye Art Studios

"Fostering creativity and imagination through ART"

Starrskye Art Studios is a full service art studio with a wide range of class offerings with a specialization in kids arts and crafts. The goal of Starrskye is to make art available and relatable to all.

Art is a fundamental learning tool that is underutilized. Starrskye Art Studio seeks to change that by offering and teaching all forms of art with a target on creativity. Starrskye Art Studios understands that everyone has a different view of art and we embrace all and encourage each person's individual style while laying down the fundamentals of fine arts.

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