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Valentine's Day Art Kits

Spread the love with TWO amazing art kits this Valentine's Day!


2 Project Kit

More 2 

Love Deal


Get 2 Kits for a special price! $25 

Choose to have the picture frame kit and the vintage truck paint kit or two of the same kits! Great for siblings, friends and parties!

1 Project Kit

Single Art Kit


Grab a single art kit for $15

Choose from either the picture frame kit OR the vintage truck paint kit!



I want the More 2 Love Art Kit but, I would like two of THE SAME projects.Can I do this?

No problem! We can accommodate that request. Please message us via social media or email us with the type of kits you would like in your box. Unless otherwise requested you will get one of each kit.

I live out of state and would like my art kits shipped out to me. How much is shipping?

Shipping costs would be an additional $5.00 for all out of state orders. Please click on the PayPal link to pay for additional shipping costs.

Additional Questions? reach us anytime via Facebook, Instagram or our website chat!



Our  Vintage Truck "Loads of Love" paint kit comes with 8x10 pre sketched canvas, paints,& brushes. This is a guided paint kit, a video tutorial is available on Starrskye Art Studios YouTube channel.


Our "Picture of LOVE" art kit comes with unfinished wood photo frame, paints, brushes, confetti, 3D hearts, paper straws, string and paper. This is an open ended art kit that allows you to express yourself creatively in a multitude of ways! A video tutorial will be provided on how to construct the mini banner that adorns the top of this "lovely" photo frame!


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